Intelligently built for
the modern dental practice

A practice management software where best practice principles are the new standard.

Designed from the ground up.

An intuitive user experience you and your millennial staff will love and know how to use immediately. Just like social media, enjoy the convenience of live notifications, @mentions and direct messaging.

notification bell

A Measure Everything Approach.

Hundreds of data points feed into daily workflows creating smooth and efficient workdays for your team.


Gain eye-opening insights through customisable reports allowing you to make connections and informed business decisions like never before.


A modern approach to the calendar where the best available appointment is generated for your patient every single time.

Customer Service Focused.

Principle was purpose built to create stronger connections between you and your patients.

Appointment Card

Open the appointment card to see relevant patient information and use it to start your conversations. Alerts, quick actions, and appointment details available for you to act upon without leaving the page.

Patient Profile

Get full visibility of your patient’s experience at the practice through their interaction timeline. See all communication, tasks, and account information in one place.

Patient Retention.

Principle has workflows focused solely on patient retention, helping you to keep the patients you’ve worked so hard for.

Gap Filling

A dedicated workflow that uses the most qualified patients to fill the gaps in your books.


A golden opportunity to gather patient availabilities as a mandatory part of the appointment booking process. Use that information to fill your gaps.

Follow Ups

Automated notifications to contact patients at the appropriate time after their missed or cancelled appointment.

Seamless Case Presentation and Planning.

Create treatment plans with ease. Chart conditions, identify all possible treatment options and present them in an easy-to-digest view where item codes and dental jargon are nested under treatment names, allowing for better patient understanding and higher case acceptance.

Treatment Planning & Flagged Treatments

Flag all possible treatments as you chart. Flagged treatments remain in the patient’s history until patient acceptance or the condition resolves itself allowing you to use those opportunities for higher case acceptance.

Staff Accountability.

Principle’s ecosystem captures all staff interactions – from lab job sign off, to task completion, communication tracking and more.

Task Manager

Assign tasks to your staff and have full transparency on when it’s been completed and by whom.

Lab Job Tracking

Never lose a lab job again.

Lab Jobs are processed in Principle with the creator noting the status from sending to sent then received as it gets moved through the workflow.

Patient Communication

All patient communication is tracked in Principle, where the patient, the sender and any relevant notes are captured.


Happy Customers


Connect with your favorite tools

Elevate your business operations by effortlessly integrating imaging, payment and marketing solutions directly into Principle. Our robust API architecture ensures a smooth and secure data exchange, allowing you to synchronise processes and streamline workflows with ease. Whether you’re looking to enhance patient experiences, optimise internal operations, or unlock new possibilities, our integration capabilities empower you to achieve your goals. Upgrade your practice management game with our user-friendly solution – because when technology effortlessly aligns, your focus can remain on delivering exceptional patient care.


Choosing the right dental software

Deciding to leave your existing practice management software is a big choice, but rest assure, Principle is here to help guide you through that transition. Embark on a swift and secure migration process, supported by a dedicated Customer Success Manager guiding you at every turn. Enjoy a seamless migration to Principle – it’s quick, easy, and secure, accompanied by personalized training for each member of your team. Watch as your clinic’s performance soars effortlessly!

Principle offers comprehensive migrations with: Dental 4 Windows, Dental 4 Web, Praktika, Dentrix and Exact.


Intelligent. Efficient. Intuituve

Diary Management.

Schedule appointments, accept online bookings, and access your calendar from anywhere using our beautifully simple design allowing you to manage your books with clarity and ease.

Smart Treatment Planning.

Quickly create treatment plans, flag treatment opportunities, and save time using treatment templates.

Interactive Reporting.

Create bespoke reports with Principle’s Report Builder, a simple to navigate, easy to understand tool that helps you to make better business decisions.

Templated Appointments.

Never miss a step with our templated appointments. Create templates that include item codes, auto-generate staff tasks and send off SMS and emails to your patients for you – saving you precious time with every single appointment.

Automated SMS & Email Communication.

Set and forget your SMS and email communications with our automations.

Task Management.

One centralised location for your tasks giving you full visibility of what’s been completed by whom and when.

Patient Management.

From clinical notes to treatment plans, accounts information, and everything in between, our Patient Profile makes sure you stay on top of every single detail.

Patient Correspondence.

Write letters and send emails in-app using pre-saved templates so you never have to copy and paste across email clients again.

Templated Notes.

In-app notes feature means no more copy and pasting from saved notes elsewhere.

Online Booking & Forms.

Patients can book appointments and fill out forms directly in Principle, eliminating the need for third-party apps.

Patient Conversations.

Effortlessly interact with patients through our intuitive SMS system, enhancing patient communication and consolidating all conversations in one place for easy reference.

Team Chats.

Principle’s built in chat feature helps you to interact with your team effortlessly. Create groups, private direct messages, and customise notifications for seamless communication at your practice.